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Dixie z Artemilly               x                                   Zico Barnero  vv   still for sale 2 females and 1 male puppies are in color dark...


FOR SALE Puppies with links: Junkers de Alphaville Bohemia x Puma de Alphaville Bohemia in puppies is a big assumption excellent character traits. opportunity to see the descendants of the first litter JUNKERS : PUMA: VIDEO:  ...

SOLD September 17, we are expecting another litter

mother: Dixie z Arthemilly  SVV1 ,G,5VC5/55 P -1st place ZZLK 2011 / B-93, C-96 / best defense and obedience  father: Igor s Vyšneho čaju SVV1, G, 5Y5/45 N   VIDEO DEFENCE  DIXIE  :

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